A spectacular restaurant in Tromso

Are you looking for a nice restaurant to visit in the wonderful city of Tromso? Well look no further. I believe that the restaurant Mathallen Tromso will be right up your alley if you are a ture food enthusiast and like to discover new innovative dishes.

Real arctic produces at this restaurant in Tromsø

To understand the delicatesse you are about to enter, it is important that I tell you why Mathallen Tromso has become such a popular place to dine. This is an exciting restaurant that uses only the best seasonal produce from the arctic environment. It is like no other restaurant you have visited before, and not just because of the local ingredients, but also the chefs ability to put together the most amazing meals with something for everyone to enjoy.

A restaurant in Tromso that serves the best of the best

The restaurant in Tromso displays a simple yet fabulous menu. And by simple I am referring to the amount of options. This makes it much easier for you as a customer to actually choose a dish, and it also presents only the very best of the best. There is no secret that Gunnar Jensen, the chef at Mathallen Tromso, would be able to provide a number of exciting dishes, but here simplicity is key. Jensen has put together a menu that lets you have a whole course of meals that fit together perfectly.

If you are not an expert on wine or beer yourself, no worries! The waiters in Mathallen Tromso will guide you through their selection and choose the best one for your meal. This is what I would say acts as the icing on the cake. With a complimentary drink for your dish, the experience is complete, and you can look back at your visit to Mathallen Tromso as one of the greatest dinners (or perhaps lunch) you have ever had. At least that is how it is for me.

Nice to know about the restaurant

The restaurant is located right next to Thon Hotel in Tromso, near the city center and other attractions. Inside the restaurant you can find a seperate room available to rent for bigger parties. The room houses up to 35 people, providing a perfect space for job events, birthday celebrations and small wedding venues. The restaurant itself suggests booking it for at least three hours in order to have enough time to both eat delicious food and enjoy good company.